I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~ Michelangelo

My eldest will be making his First Communion this Spring, his first confession is in a few weeks and I know he’s been a little anxious

This evening as I tucked him in he asked,  “What’s going to happen if I make a mistake?”

I kissed him on his nose and said, “God will love you still.”

I told him that God already knew who he was meant to become, and on his journey to becoming the man God has intended him to be he’d make mistakes. I told him, “Making mistakes is part of growing up.” I explained that he can not live in fear of failing because by doing so we’d be dishonoring the journey God has set us on.

I told him that, the whole reason why we confess our sins is so that we can acknowledge our mistakes and try to do better in the future. We are human, we make mistakes, and when we own up to them, and atone; our souls are made lighter.

I could see the relief in his entire being. It was palpable. He let his fear go. It swooshed out of him in a great breath and he grew brighter.

It was then, I thought, that his fear had been set free. I’m sure there will be other things he will fear in his life, but he now understands the feeling of peace that comes with it’s release.

Michael Praying

We all have fears. It’s in acknowledging them they loose their power. Don’t worry my little darling…Everything is going to be all right.




24 thoughts on “First Confession Fears

  1. Anonymous

    I am very clear with the kids that a) its not a sin until they know it is, and B) Confession is to clean ourselves. So as long as your honest Father will walk you through it all and God is helping him. I say that if they seem nerves father will tell them a joke. He laughed.


  2. Hanan

    Nicole, this was so so sweet! I think in our youth, many of us feel that way. Heck, even as an adult I’ve sometimes felt that way too. But God loves everyone, no matter there sin, and we couldn’t ask for a better Father.


  3. Donna

    I love this. I’m not catholic but fears and making mistakes and wanting to atone for them are all universal feelings regardless of denomination. I love this photo, too. :)


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