It’s nearly been a year since I arrived in Italy and shopping at the open air markets has become one of my favorite things to do. Each town or “commune” has their own market and they’re usually held on a different day of a week. You can find everything from: fresh produce, cheese, fish, clothing, shoes, housewares, fabric, and flowers.

The Sacile market is one of the bigger markets held in the Aviano area and it takes place on Thursday mornings from about 8 a.m. – 12:30. It is held near the city center and winds around various streets and is very picturesque as parts of it is on the Livensa River.

The produce is all farm fresh and the fish, cheese and other food products generally come from the local region. The markets are also a great place to purchase Italian made products from handbags, shoes (leather), clothing (I love the scarves), and some of the household goods. You will find items made in other places like the PRC but you can generally tell the quality apart.

Today I purchased some delicious blood oranges and a few novelty “carnevale” toy items I’ll use as props for my son’s upcoming birthday party. I had to fight the urge to purchase yet another scarf (even though I really liked it.)

When you need a break from shopping I highly recommend stopping at one of the many local cafes and enjoying a latte or cappuccino or even a Spritz.

Things to remember when shopping at the markets:

  • Bring Euros (if possible in small denominations). Some vendors may accept credit cards, but I’ve never seen one.
  • When purchasing produce: It is considered uncouth to handle the fruits and vegetables. Don’t be surprised if you’re chastised by an old lady if you touch it with your bare hands.  Many of the vendors will offer samples of their products esp for in season fruit or cheese. If you’re unsure you’ll like an item, don’t be shy to ask for a small taste.
  • It generally is a good idea to ask for assistance when you wish to purchase an item.
  • The number one on hand written signs to an American will sort of resemble an upside down V. Decimal points are not used in it’s place you’ll find a comma.
  • ALWAYS get your receipt as you can be stopped by an Italian Guard of Finance and asked to furnish a receipt. I’ve never seen it happen at an open air market, but I’ve seen them at other commercial stores. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

From Wikipedia:

Sacile is a town and comune in the province of Pordenone, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of north-east Italy. It is known as the “Garden of the Serenissima” after the many palaces that were constructed along the river Livenza for the nobility of the Most Serene Republic of Venice.

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138 thoughts on “Italian Open Air Markets – Sacile, Italy #igtravelthursday

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  2. denizb33

    Can’t believe I missed your blitz day! Hope you’re having a wonderful post-blog blitz week!

    Deniz (One of Nicole’s Mighty Minions for the AtoZ!)


  3. sandy

    Happy Blitz Day, a few days late. Playing catch up. Italy has always been on my wish list of places to visit. Perhaps someday. I do have a trip planned for Spain that I’m looking forward to. I’m not used to carrying cash, love using cards. Must consider that it might be same in Spain. One doesn’t know how ripe the fruit is without picking it up…yikes, while I’m not one to peal corn on the cob right there in the store, I do pick up lemons, melons etc to check for brusing, softness and aroma……….a melon without aroma, or one seeds are moving around inside generally has no taste.


  4. Sue

    What a nice way to start the day with your collage of Springy photos. Love open air markets. Joining the Blitz Crew with congrats and job well done here on your blog.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal


  5. Julie Jordan Scott (@juliejordanscot)

    I have never been to Europe and I wonder how these lovely markets compare to anything here in the US. Somehow the open markets here seem like swap meets with the occasional farmers market being pretty cool but somehow what I see in your photos is so much more… remarkable for lack of a better term.

    My daughter is traveling to Italy in a few weeks with the Chamber Singers from Smith College. She is very, very excited! (I’m excited for her as visiting Italy has always been a dream of mine.)


  6. TaMara

    I love your photos, especially the flowers! I would love to travel in Europe. If I ever get the chance, I will have to remember your tips for the markets.


  7. Jessica

    It looks so colourful there! I visited Italy but never really had a chance to explore, you make it seem so wonderful :) Happy Blitz Day


  8. Carrie-Anne

    I love open-air markets. It’s a pity there aren’t more of them in the U.S. There were a lot of wonderful ones I encountered during my three trips to Israel, and I’m looking forward to visiting some bazaars when I visit Iran in the next few years.


  9. Jann

    I was in Italy last April for several weeks. The pickpockets in Milan got all my money and credit cards within the first hour of my visit! But, I loved my time there and enjoyed the markets. I have those same pictures of vegetables and flowers. I was amazed at the range of things available. How lucky you are to have the experience of living there.


  10. M.J. Fifield

    The pictures of the market look amazing. I’d love to experience that someday.

    It’s funny (to me) that you mention the ‘no credit cards’ thing…I was in Russia a while back and had to break myself of the credit card habit because most places wouldn’t accept my Visa card. I did all right until we stumbled into a book store.


  11. Stephen Tremp

    Looks like a great place. My family and I want to visit Italy and France so bad. One of these days we will.


  12. Tina Downey

    “What if we went, to Italy, a suitcase of books, just you and me. Neither speaks any Italian.” That’s from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song…this post reminded me of that. I’m curious as to what you’re doing in Italy…I guess I’ll need to explore your blog further…
    Hi, I’m Tina, a friend of DL’s and here on behalf of the Blitz Team…but it seems that some signals may have been crossed since I don’t see any other Blitzers here…but who cares. It’s very nice to meet you even if I’m in the wrong place.
    Your tips for the open markets are great! Some of those apply to Sweden as well. I’m a total scarf…woman unable to control herself. I wear a scarf almost every day, either as an accessory, or as my winter coat. Seriously, it’s just enough with my short hair to keep me warm enough. l live in Colorado, US.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014


  13. Pete Denton

    I had the pleasure of wandering around an Italian market when I holiday’d at Lake Garda back in the 90s. Great experience. I hope you’re enjoying your Blog Blitz :)


  14. Elise Fallson

    Hi Nicole, nice to meet you. Love the photos! I’ve never been to Italy but I’d like to visit one day and if I do, I’ll be sure to remember to get a receipt! Thanks for sharing. (:


  15. Marci

    I have never been to Italy, but I do wish we had more local markets in the States. It’s too bad that most of our fruits, veggies and meats come from the grocery store and not directly from the hands of those who produce them! Your post actually reminds me of several places in Central and South America where open markets are more common – I loved all the colors, smells and sounds of a busy market! Happy blitz day! :)


  16. kentuckygal50

    In the later part of the month, the Amish in the area are having a semi-annual auction to raise money for their nearby school. They have everything…animals, farm machinery, crafts, food. The last one we went to was HUGE. If it’s ok with them, I’ll try to get some pictures and make a blog post.

    My mother was born in Switzerland and I’ve been fortunate to have visited twice. I always wanted to make a trip to Italy, but there just wasn’t time while I was there.


  17. Jenni

    Love your photos! When I lived abroad, shopping at the open air markets was one of my favorite things as well. Thank you for sharing!


  18. Far Away Eyes

    Hey nice to meet you. Fun post with some great pictures. I lived in the Caribbean for three years and loved the ‘open air markets’. Best place to shop. You’ve also included some really good advice.

    BTW, you’re being blitzed today. Enjoy!


  19. Dave

    “The number one on hand written signs to an American will sort of resemble an upside down V” I’ve often thought this of similar signs in the UK.


  20. Corinne O'Flynn (@CorinneOFlynn)

    Your photos are lovely! It sounds like such a dreamy way to live. I am glad to know that it’s not OK to fondle the produce! I’ll be prepared for that when I travel there and be spared any chastisement (for that, at least!) Greetings from Colorado USA.


  21. Ella

    I’m swooning over your photos as I look out my window and see snow! I am craving colorful blooms~
    Happy Blitz Day to you~ @>————–


  22. Guilie Castillo

    Oh, a farmer’s market… I miss those :( Here in the Caribbean they’re few and far-between. There’s a place downtown, right off the harbor, where boats–little fishing boats, nothing transatlantic–dock in from Venezuela every day with vegetables and fruit (nothing grows willingly on Curaçao’s rocky soil), but the variety isn’t that great. Still, it’s something :)

    Thanks for sharing this snippet of life in Italy. And the tips were great to read! I’m familiar with the comma instead of the decimal; many people use it here, too (Dutch influence). Funny about the number 1; here it’s number 8 that’s weird–it looks like an S in mirror image 😀


  23. Elizabeth Seckman

    I’d have suffered an old lady scolding. I always pick up my fruit and smell it before buying. How else do you know it’s fresh? But when in Rome…or the open air market…

    Happy Blitz day :)


  24. DL Hammons


    I attempted to make you a target of a BLITZ today, but your blog was blocked at my work due to suspicious behavior (I’m using Chrome from hoe now) and I imagine a lot of BLITZERS are experiencing the same result. Sorry.


  25. Arlee Bird

    I leave one more comment, this time without a signature link, in hopes that it doesn’t become spam like my last two comments probably did.

    Happy Blitz Day!


  26. Arlee Bird

    I left a comment yesterday that I don’t see now. Maybe it went into your spam folder?

    Came back today for your Blog Blitz day. Happy Blitz Day.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


  27. susan swiderski

    Hi, Nicole. It’s nice to meet you. Hmmm, where is everybody? I heard you were being blitzed today, so here I am, ready to jump out of the cake and yell “Surprise!!!” (ahem) Guess I’m early. Never mind. Beats being late. If you’re feeling a little woozy, this explains it. You, my dear, are being blitzed today! Enjoy!


  28. Sammy D.

    Happy Blitz Day!! I enjoyed this post because it brought back memories of my trips to Italian and French markets…and lugging home a suitcase STUFFED with all the scarves I couldn’t resist !! But I enjoy them every day, remembering where I was and who was traveling with me when I acquired them. Thanks for the memories!

    Sammy D at


  29. AJ

    I want to go to the market!! Your pictures are making me miss summertime. Can’t wait for farmers markets and my garden!
    Happy blitz day :)


  30. Kim Van Sickler

    Your post brings back such great memories for me. About 13 years ago I lived in Naples, Italy, and traveled extensively through the country. I loved those markets and “negotiating” prices. At the time my daughter was a toddler and instead of a security blanket she had a variety of “security scarves” that she loved because of their silky texture. God, the Italians loved her. Total strangers would pluck her out of her stroller and cradle her in their arms and she’d smile and chortle at them. It was a match made in heaven. :-)


  31. Petre Pan

    Oh MY GOSH that’s awesome that you’re travelling Italy. I had a client from Southern Italy, and my husband has italian past, so I’ve always wanted to explore. Thanks for sharing! Happy blitz day!


  32. joanne2813

    What a great adventure. I’m going to visit Italy on a guided tour in September. Can’t wait. Probably not much time to just mix and mingle in markets, but I shall keep your advice in mind. Enjoy your Italy life.


  33. Julie Flanders

    I would love to go to Italy someday. I’ve never heard anything but great things from those who have visited. One of these day maybe I’ll make it.

    Happy Blitz Day to you, Nicole! It’s great to meet you thanks to the Blitz. :)


  34. tagfotos

    Amazing tips for going to an Italian market!! Maybe add in a few ‘useful’ Italian words when haggling with the vendors though, I hear from Italian friends that it’s a common thing in Italy and usually you can get them to go lower in prices. Do you have any posts on Rome? I am currently living here and still fairly new, but if you had any tips for the area I would love to read them!

    Happy Blitz Day!!! And happy travels! Looking forward to reading more 😀


  35. Trisha

    Are you living in Italy for good, or just for a short term! I bet you have learned a lot more about the country than your average tourist would. :)

    Happy Blitz Day to you!!


  36. Vicki Rocho

    Looks awesome. There’s a big farmer’s market in my town, and I’d love to go, but parking is such a nightmare, I’ve yet to get there. Thanks for the virtual tour through yours!


  37. Damyanti

    Those tulips look amazing! My friend lives on Gorizia which is in Friulia-Venezia as well– so maybe that isn’t far from where she lives!

    I look forward to going to markets like this when I go visit her.

    And btw, Happy Blitz day :)


  38. hjmusk

    Great pictures, I’d love to got to an open air market but I’m too shy to get fully involved in the experience.

    Happy Blog Blitz Day!


  39. marcuslee2401

    Lovely flowers. We planted some tulips and two other types I can’t remember the names to at the moment. We put them in the ground before it got really cold. They should come up in the spring. Maybe fix our drab front yard.


  40. A.K.Andrew @artyyah

    Ah Bella Italia! I love Italian markets – such variety & the food is always fantastic. I’ve never been to this area, but it looks lovely. Lucca was my last trip there which was great as it wasn’t too touristy. Glad I found your blog – through the Blitz:-)


  41. Katja of Skimbaco

    Don’t you just love Europe? I love how you are enjoying your life in Italy, and I love these pictures, feels like I’m there. And a good tip about the receipt, I don’t think I’ve ever asked for one in Italy.


  42. Satu VW / Destination Unknown

    Ah, Italian markets!! I can’t wait for the spring and some fresh Italian grown (or baked, or made) produce… It was lovely to find your blog through Instagram Travel Thursday, are you actually based in Italy? Thanks for joining in & greetings from New Zealand! :)


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