Last Fall I threw a baby shower for my friend Yana. I met her when we were newly arrived in Italy and living in temporary lodging. She was in her first few weeks of her pregnancy when she shared her good news with me and another new friend (Carmen and I coincidentally were on the same plane and were hotel rooms neighbors). I gave her a hug clapped my hands in joy and asked if she’d let me throw her a baby shower. I’m sure she must of thought me and my other friend completely batty but she obliged and to her good credit showed no signs of how crazy she must of thought us. Little did she know one of my favorite things to do is throw a baby shower. On an afternoon in the early autumn when she’d grown much rounder, and our friendship had lasted more than a few days a little mustache themed party happened in my home. Here are a few photos from that day…Food:

mustache baby shower

Carmen and I decided on a very simple, yet delectable menu.

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Beautiful croissants were center stage ready to be filled with either a Waldorf chicken salad, Italian Salami, cheeses, or a simple seasoned butter.

For sides we offered: crackers, olives, cold cuts, fruit that could be dunked into a pumpkin pie dip, fresh made salsa and chips. Desert came in the form of mustache topped cupcakes, and carrot cake.

I made a little beverage bar (somehow I neglected to photograph) where guests could choose from my red sangria, natural and sparkling water as well as fruit infused water, and a white grape juice infused with mint.

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This was actually my second mustache themed baby shower I planned, so it was a snap to put together, as I’d already thought up most of the decor. I made a simple diaper cake using jute twine as ribbon and topped with a few of the cupcake toppers. I made a “Keep Calm” sign by printing it out and decoupaging it onto a canvas. [There’s a link at the bottom of this post where you can download a free printable of it.]

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To make the onesies I simply printed out the graphic on iron on transferable paper and followed the instructions the paper came with. The banner I cut the shape out by hand and used a mustache shaped hole punch and glued them on following the color pattern you see here, which was a mixture of neutral earth tones, grey, and yellow.

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We played a few fun action games and other games guests could play as the wanted to. In a jar I placed a ton of those hole punched mustaches and asked guests to guess how many. On 4×6 cards I printed up a few different mustache types and asked guests to guess the name of the ‘stache. I also drew a tree on a canvas and had some yellow paint ready for guests to thumbprint in the leaves with yellow paint that would match the baby’s nursery.

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A fun game was Pin The ‘Stache On The Baby. I drew the baby face based on an image I Googled and cut out these larger mustaches from a template I made.

As far as the invitations went, I put them together myself in Photoshop but, I’m really wishing I’d seen the ones on They have some adorable baby shower and kid themed invitations that make me want to throw another baby shower.

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As a little present to you, I’d like to give you a mustache theme game I used and the “Keep Calm And Grown On” sign I made as a free printable. They’re in PDF form.


NameThatStacheGame    —   NameThatStacheGameANSWERKEY



If you use these printables for your party please come back and share with me! Also if you use them, please link back to this post. Thank you!

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