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I’m Nicole & and I'm so glad you've stopped in. You’ll find highlights from my family’s adventures as we navigate what I lovingly refer to as our “quasi-nomadic” life, which has brought us from Italy to Virginia at present. My husband is an active duty member of our armed services and together we’re raising three kind souls. I’m a writer, and avid reader. I enjoy taking pictures and getting crafty. This blog is about celebrating motherhood each day and appreciate all that it brings. read more

The Lately

Out For a Walk in Colonial Williamsburg

One of my family's favorite things to do on a nice weekend, is go to Colonial Williamsburg, for a nice long walk. On days like this, we don't buy tickets to any of the museums. We simply go to walk, people watch, stop at the sweet shop, Barnes & Noble, and just enjoy the day. We recently did ... READ the POST

Best Sites for Free E-Books

Oh, how I do love to read and e-books are just wonderful. As you can see behind me I'm just as big a fan of traditional paper books, but sometimes an e-book is much more convenient, especially if you like to read anywhere or at anytime. I frequently get asked where I find my books. If I'm buying an ... READ the POST

Little Lovely Things – Book Feature

Today I'm here to share this lovely little book called, Little Lovely Things   This novel is a quick, at times edge-of-your-seat read. If you're looking for something to read this summer that isn't your typical romance or mystery this is the book for you. Summary: A mother's ... READ the POST

Best Websites to Buy Books Online

If you know me, you know I'm a voracious reader and collector of books, which means I read and buy a lot of books. These are my favorite websites to buy books online: newly released, second-hand books, collectible, or unique books. I prefer to read a physical copy, though I don't mind reading on my ... READ the POST

The Hugo Spritz – Recipe

I remember the first time I ever savored a Hugo Spritz. It was on a warm summer afternoon while at a lavender festival in Venzone, Italy. I had run into a friend at a local bar. Saw she was drinking something which clearly involved mint and lime. Mojitos are my absolute favorite cocktail so I had to ... READ the POST