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Summer Hair-Care Tips

This post contains affiliate links. While this summer may not be quite back to "normal," it does mean we can be outdoors enjoying all the summer season has to offer. Before you head out to the beach, we thought it a good idea to share our best summer hair care tips to ensure you will have the ... READ the POST

Pregnancy Loss… My story

A month ago, I almost died. The baby growing within me did. I was eleven weeks pregnant and had begun to bleed six days earlier. Because of Covid-19, like many others, I had to experience this visit without my support person. I feel a bit trite telling you how rough it was to experience this alone ... READ the POST

A month ago, I almost died. The baby that had been growing within me did.

Passover, Plagues, and Holy Communion

I was recently asked to write a post on Passover for an ecumenical Christian Facebook group, I admin. I love this group and was excited to write something for them. So far it's been well received, and for that I am glad. It is such a great feeling when one can string words together people can ... READ the POST

For the first time in recent memory, nearly every nation on the globe will be gathered in their own homes, sheltering from a plague, during PASSOVER. It's Holy Week and I can't go to Church and none of her laypeople are receiving Holy Communion.

Love in Every Language

I am in total LOVE with the "Love in Every Language" collection from Capsul Jewelry. This necklace has quickly become a staple in my everyday jewelry collection. I like that it is simple and understated so you can wear it with pretty much anything or layer it with other necklaces. The collection ... READ the POST

The Kitchen Is Closed + I stretch those poetic muscles…

The other night, I said something my mother used to say all the time when I was growing up. "The kitchen is closed!" It was out of my mouth before I even realized I was saying it.  The kitchen is always such a big part of a home, isn't it? It's where you gather around to share a meal. It's where, ... READ the POST

The kitchen is where little fires are put out, and big ones can happen. It's where our lives get lived. Where little bits of our mothers get absorbed into ourselves when we're too busy to notice.

Out For a Walk in Colonial Williamsburg

One of my family's favorite things to do on a nice weekend, is go to Colonial Williamsburg, for a nice long walk. On days like this, we don't buy tickets to any of the museums. We simply go to walk, people watch, stop at the sweet shop, Barnes & Noble, and just enjoy the day. We recently did ... READ the POST