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I’m Nicole & and I'm so glad you've stopped in. You’ll find highlights from my family’s adventures as we navigate what I lovingly refer to as our “quasi-nomadic” life, which has brought us from Italy to Virginia at present. My husband is an active duty member of our armed services and together we’re raising three kind souls. I’m a writer, and avid reader. I enjoy taking pictures and getting crafty. This blog is about celebrating motherhood each day and appreciate all that it brings. read more

The Lately

Best Websites to Buy Books Online

If you know me, you know I'm a voracious reader and collector of books, which means I read and buy a lot of books. These are my favorite websites to buy books online: newly released, second-hand books, collectible, or unique books. I prefer to read a physical copy, though I don't mind reading on my ... READ the POST

The Hugo Spritz – Recipe

I remember the first time I ever savored a Hugo Spritz. It was on a warm summer afternoon while at a lavender festival in Venzone, Italy. I had run into a friend at a local bar. Saw she was drinking something which clearly involved mint and lime. Mojitos are my absolute favorite cocktail so I had to ... READ the POST

The Hazel Wood a novel by Melissa Albert – Review

  This weekend was a wonderful weekend full of reading!  Lately, I've been chain-reading. The moment I close a book on the final page, I'm up and reading another. Which is not unusual for me, but it's my goal to keep it up throughout the year. Mainly because last year I didn't read a whole ... READ the POST

Easy Valentine’s Day Fabric Rag Wreath

I LOVE to make wreaths. Since moving from Italy or... perhaps even before then I've not had a wreath for Valentine's Day. So I made one. It was so easy. I even had my toddler help me. She enjoyed playing with the rags while I tied them and constructed the wreath. That's a win-win if you ask ... READ the POST