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This and That

How are you doing? We've been busy making some small changes in our home. It's nearly a year since we bought the place, and through we painted my office, and the kids' bedrooms, that was all we did as far as the interior. It is so nice to FINALLY put our own taste into our home. This week Autumn ... READ the POST

This and That

This past week was full of fun Halloween activiites. I am honestly surprised my kids haven't fallen into a candy coma with all the chocolate peanut butter cups they've consumed over the past week. I love soup! We're currently experiencing some very chilly weather here in Maryland and this Creamy ... READ the POST

This and That

  How are you? It's been like, a REALLY long time since I've posted any new content. I don't know if it's the cool autumn breeze or the fact that I've been creating art in new and exciting ways this summer, but I'm feeling energized to breathe some life back into this space. If you are ... READ the POST

Summer Hair-Care Tips

This post contains affiliate links. While this summer may not be quite back to "normal," it does mean we can be outdoors enjoying all the summer season has to offer. Before you head out to the beach, we thought it a good idea to share our best summer hair care tips to ensure you will have the ... READ the POST

Pregnancy Loss… My story

A month ago, I almost died. The baby growing within me did. I was eleven weeks pregnant and had begun to bleed six days earlier. Because of Covid-19, like many others, I had to experience this visit without my support person. I feel a bit trite telling you how rough it was to experience this alone ... READ the POST

A month ago, I almost died. The baby that had been growing within me did.

Passover, Plagues, and Holy Communion

I was recently asked to write a post on Passover for an ecumenical Christian Facebook group, I admin. I love this group and was excited to write something for them. So far it's been well received, and for that I am glad. It is such a great feeling when one can string words together people can ... READ the POST

For the first time in recent memory, nearly every nation on the globe will be gathered in their own homes, sheltering from a plague, during PASSOVER. It's Holy Week and I can't go to Church and none of her laypeople are receiving Holy Communion.